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8 th May 2005


This afternoon I spoke with Mr. Thakkar, asking him for an appointment to interview him of his experiences of space and jogging at the Marine Drive promenade. Mr. Thakkar and I have become pals now. We joke and laugh.


I am thinking about trust right now and how strangers interact and meet each other in a city. I know Mr. Thakkar for some weeks now and we interact with each other through a certain modicum of trust. Would that trust exist between Mr. Thakkar and say Santosh Yadavji? I don’t know.


About two weeks ago, when I was walking on the promenade, I encountered a young girl walking with two school-going age boys. We happened to be walking next to each other and I was amused by the commentary of the two boys. The girl and I smiled to each other. Taking on from the smile, almost encouraged, I began to ask her about how long she has been on the promenade and whether she is a resident of the area. She felt I was a journalist. Later on, I realized that naively, I was asking her questions which would have appeared as probing her privacy. While talking to her, I gave her my card and assured her that I was only a researcher and not a journalist. However, it was difficult for her to trust me. At that point, not recognizing her emotions, I had felt upset.


Today, after talking with Mr. Thakkar, I realized that trust and relationships are slow to build. I don’t know how Santosh Yadav, Arjun bhai, Shah Rukh, Manoj Kumar, Sushanti, Suparna, Zubair, etc. trust and talk with me. Is trust a function of socio-economic class? I wonder …


I also think of our own built environment and the way we lead our lives. Doors are closed in our homes. Windows are no longer peeked through. We have intercoms in our homes and can communicate with our neighbours through these instead of interacting face to face. Perhaps there are enough devices and means through which we can avoid face-to-face interactions. Residents of Marine Drive tell me that they themselves frequent the promenade rarely because now there are enough distractions at home – TV, Computer, parties, etc.


I wonder what is the value of spaces like Marine Drive promenade in the city. What kind of meeting spaces exist in the city? Has Bombay been a city of trust? If yes, why is trust becoming scarce now? Can we trust strangers?




  1. May 8th, 2005 at 11:06 | #1

    the world around us is turned vry sinical,people care more abt them selves than anything else
    there reamins no rule left for anything.
    personally i am some1 who trust people easily ,but find it difficult 2 gain trust,surprises me 2 …hehe
    tc zainab,hope things great with u

    peace out

  2. May 8th, 2005 at 11:10 | #2

    hey was wondering if we could meet up if ur free sometime?
    well tc 🙂

  3. May 9th, 2005 at 05:12 | #3

    because of reduction in interactions with the surrounding environement and the people, depression is on the rise in india…  if you ask everybody that if you are content with life…it will be very rare that somone will say yes to this question.