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September 8th, 2005

7 th September 2005


It’s 11 o’clock now. I am quite happy with my day today. I met with some wonderful friends. I chatted lots. But the best part of the day and the happiest moment was at night when I shared my personal history with a friend who in turn felt that he could also acknowledge and accept his personal history instead of shoving is under the carpet and repressing it. At that moment, I began to wonder about my own research on public spaces. And I am wondering what kind of generic, organic and created public spaces can exist in cities which enable us to indulge in sharing and communicating. Two things that I have been cogitating about:

1). Personal Histories: Each one of us has had horrors and traumas in our lives. Sharing personal histories enables us to put them out there, taking them out of our systems. This ‘putting it out there’ allows us to view events and incidents as external observers as against the previous situation where we had been completely caught up and emotionally involved in them. Viewing the events and incidents as external observers enables us to become aware of the choices we have with respect to the present situation and the ghosts of the past. This is encouraging.

2). Safe environments to share personal histories: Public spaces are critical because they allow us to experience emotions and events together with people who are also facing similar situations. I am not going to dabble into the scale of public spaces because I have no answers myself right now, but safe environments to share personal histories and listen to each other’s stories require smaller scale. How do these spaces emerge in cities? Perhaps blogs are one such space tainted of course with elements of anonymity.

I am thinking …


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    yes in a way blogs i think r a places 2 share a lot about 1self, i have managed to do it.

    take care