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January 9th, 2006

January 8, 2006


Thus I felt like a bastard today.


(The dean of SPA is lecturing right now)

(K. T. Ravindran is his name (and fame))

(I am sitting in a college of architecture)

(The theme of the presentation is ‘heritage and micro-urbanism)


What the damn is micro-urbanism???

(R says it is a framework to think through present structure of cities and planning accordingly)


(KT is talking about the communities which produce arts and crafts in the old city of Shahjahanabad , Old Delhi)

(He is talking about preserving the old structures and people’s lifestyles there so that Ritu Kumars and Ritu Beris can continue producing their stuff and these people stay employed)

(He is talking about poor groups as being powerless and helpless)

(And how governments don’t care about them)


Therefore planners and architects become gods!


(And therefore architectural and heritage ‘interventions’ will help to preserve the cultures and lifestyles of these peoples)

(He says he is a humanist)


And I am questioning the very idea of humanity


What about locality and local relationships?


Do we make mush and romance out of the interactions and people at the street level?


I think KT is but a ‘heritage activist’



The sense of frustration that I feel sitting right here, right now is tremendous

I think of the interactions I have with people at the street level

(And I guess I am making myself ‘above everyone’)

I think of architectural interventions

(And interferences)

I think of academia

(And I wonder whether I am part of it)

(Feels like I am! (Oh shit!))

(Feels like I am helpless and powerless in the face of the development taking place around me)

(Feels like … what should I say???)

(Feels like a piece of shit!)



Thus I feel like a bastard today … the illegitimate child of language and theories, of frameworks and words …





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