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Off Langford Road

April 25th, 2007


Sunday night,
About 11:10 PM,
Off Langford Road,
I passed.

Off Langford Road,
While passing,
I saw …

He lay,
His arms outstretched,
A man about 27, 28,
Dark skinned.
His dark skin glowed in the shine of the night.

He lay,
As if the world belonged to him (in those moments),
As if the space he occupied was ever-expanding (stretching beyond his outstretched arms),

He lay.
Time seemed to have come to a standstill,
He lay collapsed in a drunken stupor,
As if he were lifeless,
As if he were alive in his apparent lifelessness,
As if the world were his …

Off Langford Road,
I saw him,
Alive in his lifelessness,
Jealous of his freedom, his outstretched arms, his carelessness, his time (of which he was the master) …

Off Langford Road,
I drank in his drunkenness,
Felt alive in his lifelessness (for those moments).

I passed
Langford Road,
Then Lalbagh,
Then 1st block Jayanagar.
The streets were empty,
(Poverty hidden away into the interiors),
Time passing by (as if even time were inert)

My heart is cold.


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